Research Fellowship for Izabela Paszko

Participant of the INFOCOM Team at the German Historical Institute Warsaw

The participant of the INFOCOM Team, Izabela Paszko was granted a short-term research fellowship at the German Historical Institute Warsaw. During her three-month (April-July 2021) stay in Poland, she conducted research in archives, libraries and local museums. She drew from their collections diaries, official reports, files of police inquiries and private letters in order to recreate social dynamics and information distribution in the occupied Poland. While in residence at the Institute, Izabela Paszko explored how the process of gaining information shaped family and neighbour relationships. The researcher presented her research during the online colloquium at the Institute for Wester Affairs in Poznan. The research fellowship provided an opportunity not only to collect historical sources (despite the limitations imposed by COVID-19 regulations), but also to share ideas and concepts with researchers in Poland.

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