News from the project "Man hört, man spricht"

INFOCOM Congratulates Manuel Mork

Manuel Mork successfully defended his PhD dissertation mehr

Erstellt am: 06/03/2024

New Employee Joins the INFOCOM Project

On April 1, 2024, Sofiia Sokolova joined the INFOCOM Project as a student assistant. mehr

Erstellt am: 04/16/2024

InfoCom congratulates Izabela

Izabela Paszko successfully defended her PhD dissertation mehr

Erstellt am: 11/14/2023

INFOCOM at the Historikertag 2023

In September 2023, members of the INFOCOM team participated in the 54th German Historians’ Day (Historikertag) in an interdisciplinary panel dedicated to “Uncertainty and Power: Rumors as Historical… mehr

Erstellt am: 10/30/2023

DAAD Fellowship in Cambridge for Izabela Paszko

INFOCOM team member Izabela Paszko stays in the UK for a three-week fellowship at the University of Cambridge mehr

Erstellt am: 10/25/2023

Congratulations to Felix Berge

Successful defence of his dissertation "Hearing and Speaking in War: Practices of Informal Communication in the National Socialist Majority Society, 1939–1945." mehr

Erstellt am: 05/25/2023

Third International INFOCOM Workshop in Paris

Three-day conference with the German Historical Institute Paris and the Centre de recherches historiques (EHESS) mehr

Erstellt am: 01/17/2023

Research Stay in Cambridge

INFOCOM member Felix Berge spends three-week fellowship at University of Cambridge mehr

Erstellt am: 11/14/2022

Informal Communication in Occupied Societies

Preparation of the third international INFOCOM workshop in Paris mehr

Erstellt am: 11/14/2022

INFOCOM Workshop at the Deutsches Museum Munich

Insights into the technology used for communication and propaganda practices during the National Socialist regime mehr

Erstellt am: 04/07/2022

Research fellowship for INFOCOM team member

Izabela Paszko spent three months at the Western Institute in Poznań (Instytut Zachodni), Poland mehr

Erstellt am: 02/01/2022

Research Fellowship for Manuel Mork

INFOCOM Team Member at the German Historical Institute in Paris mehr

Erstellt am: 11/08/2021

INFOCOM Workshop II at Central European University, 8th-10th September 2021

Report on the second workshop of the research group “‘Man hört, man spricht’: Informal Communication and Information ‘From Below’ in Nazi Europe” mehr

Erstellt am: 09/14/2021

Underground Information, Unofficial News, Useful Rumors

Das INFOCOM-Projekt führt vom 8. bis 10. September seinen zweiten Workshop durch mehr

Erstellt am: 08/13/2021