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"The Persecution and Murder of the European Jews by Nazi Germany, 1933-1945"

This landmark collection of primary sources provides unique first-hand insights into the persecution and murder of the Jews of Europe under Nazi rule.  The documents, all translated from the language of the original source, range from the police orders and administrative decrees issued by the Nazi apparatus across Germany and occupied Europe to the diaries and letters of Jewish men, women, and children facing discrimination, impoverishment, violent assaults, incarceration, deportation, and death.  The observations and reactions of bystanders not directly involved in the crimes – some shocked, some indifferent, some approving - also come across vividly.   Substantial introductions, scholarly footnotes, and an extensive thematic index help guide the reader through the rich documentary material and add to the value of the series as a resource for teaching and learning about the Second World War and the Holocaust.

The series is edited on behalf of the German Federal Archives, the Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History (IfZ), the Chair of Modern History at the University of Freiburg and in collaboration with Yad Vashem.

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