Dictatorships in the 20th Century

Current Projects

„Man hört, man spricht“. Informal Communication and Information „From Below“ in Nazi Europe (INFOCOM)

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Private Life and Privacy in Nazi Germany

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Coburg in the First Half of the 20th Century

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Reconsidering the History of the Transport Ministries of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic with Regard to Continuities and Tansformations from the National Socialist Era

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National Socialism in Mecklenburg

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Sowjetische Kriegskindheiten im besetzten Belarus und im Spätstalinismus (1941-1944-1953): Erfahrungen und Erinnerungen

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The Everyday Lives of Occupiers in the Soviet Zone: Documents and Eyewitness Reports, 1945-1949

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Research Projects of the Center for Holocaust Studies

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Completed Projects

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