Codename TREVI: The Fight against Terrorism and the Beginnings of a European Domestic Policy in the 1970s

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Eva Oberloskamp’s postdoc project is entitled “Fighting Terrorism as a European problem: The Federal Republic of Germany and the Europeanization of ‘Internal Security’ in the 1970s”. This presents another cross-border dimension to complement the other three studies of the project “The Democratic State and the Challenge of Terrorism”, which primarily deal with the domestic policy aspects of the fight against terrorism. Since terrorist groups increasingly operated across international borders in the 1970s, the countries affected were forced to work together at the international level. Within this context, this study focuses on a particularly consequential aspect of international cooperation in the fight against terrorism, the incipient efforts of the nine EC countries to share common principles and measures with regard to “internal security”. Cooperation in this highly sensitive area with a direct impact on state sovereignty has indeed become one of the fastest expanding areas of EU policy to date. The study focuses on the West German perspective during the Social Democratic-Liberal era (1969-1982), for which a large portion of the sources are relatively easy to access. The matters in question here include the role that West Germany played in European cooperation on “internal security” during the 1970s, as well as the factors that can explain the decisions of the West German actors, including dispositions conditioned by the political culture and system.

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Eva Oberloskamp

Codename TREVI.

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