Graphic Novels and the Communication of the Holocaust Story


Alternative forms of presenting the history of the Holocaust, including graphic novels, have gained increased importance in both research and education. Since 2019, the Center for Holocaust Studies has been part of the international research group “Narrative Art and Visual Storytelling in Holocaust and Human Rights Education”, coordinated by Canada’s University of Victoria.

In cooperation with Holocaust survivors and illustrators, researchers from five countries are preparing graphic novels and connected visual materials and are looking into opportunities to use the publications in schools and universities. Andrea Löw and Frank Bajohr are working here in close cooperation with the graphic artist and illustrator Barbara Yelin, who has already published several thematic graphic novels.

Bild aus der Graphic Novel "But I Live" von Barbara Yelin, die auf der Begegnung der Autorin mit der KZ-Überlebenden Emmie Arbel beruht, © Barbara Yelin

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