Privatization in Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic in the 1990s


This study focuses on the privatization process that took place as part of the transformation from a planned to a market economy in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic of the 1990s. Based on a broad body of research literature, and Czech literature in particular, as well as printed and archival sources, the study will not only view the privatization process from the perspective of economic history but also within its political and societal framework. Topics include the privatization process and the voucher privatization in particular, which was characteristic for the Czech situation, as well as the state institutions responsible for the privatization process. The study also looks into the discourses, before, during, and after privatization, whether within the academic economic, (party) political, or medial worlds. The project will also investigate privatization using the example of the automotive industry and the Škoda-Volkswagen joint venture created in 1991. The approach will not only provide new insights into the Czech transformation process but also open up a comparative perspective for the examination of privatization in East Germany.

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