The Consequences of the Helsinki Process in the Soviet Union during the Perestroika Era: The Growing Pressure to Democratize, Changing Values, and the Disintegration of the Soviet Union

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Employees (IfZ):  Dr. Yuliya von Saal

This project carried out by Yuliya von Saal investigates the significance of multilateral diplomacy in the process of the disintegration of the Soviet Union during the Perestroika era (1985–1991). The study analyzes the indirect and direct consequences of the Helsinki Process and its norms both within Soviet society and among the party’s elite as well as in official policy. Yuliya von Saal’s doctoral dissertation at the Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen-Nuremberg was published in 2013.

Publications within the project

Yuliya von Saal

KSZE-Prozess und Perestroika in der Sowjetunion.

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