The Federal Ministry of Transport and its Leading Figures

Employees (IfZ):  PD Dr. Bernd Kreuzer

Bernd Kreuzer’s study sheds light on continuities and ruptures at the Federal Ministry of Transport (BVM) following the era of National Socialism at a variety of levels. It aims to provide a solid understanding of democratization processes within West Germany in connection with transformations in personnel, structure, and tasks, as well as the normative change in the administrative culture of the ministry. Taking into account individual career paths, the study looks into the importance of socialization processes and communities of shared experience for official and organizational structures as well as the personnel policies and thus the basic attitudes of the Ministry towards its own historical responsibility.

In addition to its leading figures, organization, and areas of activity, the political, economic, and social dimensions of the Ministry of Transport are also taken into account with regard to their importance to the development of the incipient West German democracy. Social aspects of the history of transportation and mobility are also examined in the study.