The State and Terrorism in France, 1981-1988

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This dissertation project by Markus Lammert complements the two subprojects on anti-terrorism policies in the Federal Republic of Germany and Italy with a third national example. The project is funded by the Pakt für Forschung und Innovation (Pact for Research and Innovation). The French state was confronted with a wide range of political violence: After the Paris riots came to an end in May 1968, strong reactions were required to address the separatist uprisings in Corsica, Britany, and the Basque region. The late 1970s would then see the emergence of “Action Directe”, a left-wing terrorist group. The greatest challenge would, however, begin in the early 1980s with internationally active terrorist groups from the Middle East. Those attacks were followed by strong executive and legislative measures that would change the sociopolitical climate of the countries on a permanent basis. The goal of this project is to place the French anti-terrorism policies of the 1980 within the context of developments in the history of politics and society of the Fifth Republic. In addition to such state measures, the study also looks into the public discourse on terrorism and the fight against it.

Publications within the project

Markus Lammert

Der neue Terrorismus.

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