Press Collection

The press collection features newspapers and magazines that were published after 1914, with over 7,000 volumes, some 5,000 rolls of microfilm, and around 300 CD-ROMs. The collection focuses in particular on ideological publications during the years 1914 through 1945, and on conservative and nationalistic writings in particular. The Nazi era is represented the most comprehensively in the collection, with the main publications of the Nazi Party and its organizations nearly complete. Newspapers from the areas occupied and incorporated following 1939 as well as the General Government in Poland and local and association papers for the Jewish population within the Reich and in German-occupied Europe. The press publications of émigrés opposed to the Nazi regime constitute another area pursued for the collection. There are complete collections of important foreign daily newspapers throughout the period. After 1945, the press publications of the occupying powers and the licensed press of the four occupation zones form an important part of the collection in addition to an extensive collection of newspapers from displaced person camps.  The most extensive collection is the ongoing collection of nationwide daily and weekly newspapers as well as the party and association press of the Federal Republic and of the former GDR. Particular focus is placed on the press of smaller parties and political movements.

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