Issue April 2021

Cooperation and Competition. The Emergence of European Science and Research Policies Since 1945. | The Flying Court Martial. Genesis and Effect of an Instrument of National Socialist Military Justice. | The Archaeology of Competition. Competition Within and Between Universities in (West-) Germany Since the 1980s. | More than a Footnote! The Soviet Zone of Occupation and the GDR in German and European History.

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Issue January 2021

German Working Environments Between Global Challenges and National Reactions. Perspectives of Contemporary Historiography. | Emancipatory Awakening and Antisemitic Persecution. Jewish Women in the Italian Women’s Movement, 1914 to 1945. | Building the Socialism. The Schools of Cadres and the Party Bureaucracy in Romania ‒ Regional Party School of Timișoara, 1948 to 1973. | Rejection and Recognition. Raul Hilberg and the Institute for Contemporary History. |  A Social Democrat in the Foreign Office. Expertise of the Leibniz-Institute for Contemporary History on the Significance of Hermann Müller for the Foreign Policy of the Weimar Republic. | Idyll and crimes. The new permanent exhibition of the Obersalzberg documentation.

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