Issue April 2022

The Max Planck Society and the Economization of Research since the 1990s. | The Vatican, National Socialist Germany and the Franco-Regime, 1936 to 1938. | The Invented “Rubble Woman”. Dealing with the Nazi Era in Austria. | Martin Broszat and Compensation for Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust from Romania, 1955 to 1965. | “Florida-Rolf” Sends Greetings. Social Assistance Paid Abroad and the Debate about the Welfare State during the Schröder Era. | The Britcom “Yes Minister” and the Transformation of British Conservatism during the Thatcher Era.

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Issue January 2022

Rabbi Joachim Prinz, Lessons Drawn from National Socialism and Support for the African American Civil Rights Movement. | Workers’ Resistance, Fascist Repression and International Solidarity. An Italian Provincial Town in the European Spotlight, 1922 to 1927. | Football and Migrant Workers in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1955 to 1973. | Marvin Bowers Perspective on McKinsey. | The CSU Between Crisis and Reorganisation – Reports on the State of the Party in the Bavarian Countryside Before the Federal Election of 1953. | John Rutter, Popular Classical Music and Transnational Conservatism Since the 1970s. | Holocaust, Colonialism and Nazi Imperialism. Research in the Shadow of a Polemic Debate.

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