Opa war ein Nazi (Grandpa Was a Nazi)

Eduard Geist and the Crimes of the Third Reich

This talk is based on a project, which is Dr. Brown-Fleming’s first attempt to research and write as both a decades-long scholar of the Holocaust and as the biological granddaughter of a devout and locally prominent Nazi. Inspired by local SA men and the speeches and writings of Adolf Hitler, Geist joined the SA in 1926 and the NSDAP in 1927. He became a senior administrator in the German Labor Front’s Koblenz headquarters, where he was involved with the Organization Todt-run Westwall labor camps. Initially the accounting inspector for over 120 camps with 125,000 conscripted workers, his duties would come to include confiscation of physical property for the Westwall effort, and, by 1940, bank-held assets in Luxembourg. Also a soldier, he fought in the infamous “Wolchow Kessel” on the Russian front. After the war, he was initially tried by a Spruchkammer as a Category 1 (“most guilty”) Nazi.

The Research Colloquium ‘The Holocaust and its Contexts’ is co-hosted by the Department of Modern and Contemporary History at LMU Munich and the Center for Holocaust Studies at the Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History (IfZ). The Colloquium is held in cooperation with the Oberseminar ‘New Research in Contemporary History’.

Lecture by | Vortrag von Suzanne Brown-Fleming (Director of the Division of International Academic Programs at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies and Fellow at the Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History (IfZ)), Chair | Moderation: Kim Wünschmann (LMU Munich) and Frank Bajohr (Center for Holocaust Studies).

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