Band 6 des German Yearbook of Contemporary History ist erschienen

Herausgeber William Glenn Gray berichtet von der GSA

“Do you know these journals?” From my seat at the booth of the University of Nebraska Press, I posed this question to passersby at the German Studies Association conference (GSA) in Houston. Aside from other renowned journals, such as “Feminist German Studies”, Nebraska is now the publisher of the “German Yearbook of Contemporary History”, which I came to Houston to help advertise. My fellow historians were a little surprised to find me in the role of a salesperson, but I explained that the “Yearbook” has enormous potential for classroom teaching: the English-language article translations let students bite into the kind of meaty scholarship that the “Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte” is known for. (Somehow barbecue references seemed appropriate in Texas!) The Nebraska journals representative, Manjit Kaur, passed along reminder cards listing the topics covered in the six volumes of the “Yearbook” so far. We urged our conversation partners to look up whether their local university libraries already subscribed to the “Yearbook”, and if not, to make the request and spread the word! Our interlocutors acknowledged the great significance of the work sponsored and published by the Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History, and we all agreed that it was in our common interest to promote the translation and circulation of this scholarship.

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