Issue October 2015

From the German to the European Question. Thoughts on a Centennial Problem. | The German Foreign Office and the German Decision to Remilitarise the Rhineland. | From Prague to Jerusalem. Jewish Cultural Assets and the Creation of the Israeli State. | A Turn Inwards. Social Psychiatry, Health Policy and Psychiatric Medication in the German Democratic Republic, 1960-1989. | That Which Must Not Be, Cannot Be. On the Refusal to Engage in a Source-Based Discussion about Heinrich Brüning's Austerity Policy. | Hitler in Vinnica. A New Document on the Crisis in September 1942.

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Issue July 2015

Reflections on the Pre-History of the Present. 25 Years of the “Akten zur Auswärtigen Politik der Bundesrepublik Deutschland”. | Between the Shah and Khomeini. The Federal Republic of Germany and the Islamic Revolution in Iran. | Italian Contemporary Historiography. A Snapshot. | Heidegger’s Black Notebooks: National Socialism, World Jewry, and the History of Being. | The Arrest of Till Meyer in Bulgaria. A Marginal Note from the Bulgarian State Security Archives. | Trapped in the Analytical-Normative Westernisation of Contemporary History. A Critique of the Zeitbögen Concept. | Democracy and Economic Policy during the Weimar Republic from an International Comparative Perspective. A Reply to the Article by Tim B. Müller.

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Issue April 2015

The First World War – The Centenary Commemorations, New Research and Debates One Hundred Years After Its Beginning. | The System of Collective Security in Practice: Poland and Czechoslovakia in the League of Nations. | Hjalmar Schacht, Enrico Mattei and Bavaria’s Entry into the Age of Oil. | An Alternative to Brüning’s Austerity Policy? On Paul Köppen’s Invention of French Loan Offers. | No Predicaments? Remarks on a New Debate on German Economic Policy during the Great Depression. | Franz von Papen to Adolf Hitler. Letters in the Summer of 1934.

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Issue January 2015

The Bayerische Vereinsbank between Resistenz and Gleichschaltung 1933-1945. |  From an Anti-Parliamentarian to a “Cold Aryaniser” of Jewish Companies in Europe. Theodor Eschenburg during the Weimar Republic and Third Reich. | More than an Historians‘ Skirmish. The Debate on “Das Amt und die Vergangenheit”. | Personalities, the Capital, Blind Spots. The Collection “Staatliche Filmdokumentation” of the GDR. | The Interpretative Struggle for the “Ghetto Pensions”. Remarks on the Practice of Discourse of the State Social Court of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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