Issue October 2016

Shanghai as a Place of Refuge for Jews 1938 till 1947. Contours of a Stopover Point. | Research Funding from a Social Policy Perspective. Alfred Herrhausen and the Stifterverband. | Shares for All? Small Investors and the Stock Exchange During the Thatcher Era. | The Underestimated Challenge: Afghanistan 1979, NATO Crisis Management and Islam as a Factor in International Relations.

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Issue July 2016

Hitler’s Authenticity. A Functionalist Interpretation. | Who Were the Romanian Legionnaires? A Case Study on Fascist Cadres in the Countryside Surrounding Bucharest 1927 till 1941. | National Socialism as Anti-Colonialism. German Propaganda Broadcasts for the Arab World. | Brain Drain, Global Economic Competition, and National Security: The Campaign of the West German Chemical Industry Against Knowledge Transfers to the United States During the 1950s. | The 1984 Kießling Affair. On the Role of the Media in the Scandal about the Dismissal of General Dr. Günter Kießling.

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Issue April 2016

The Beginnings of the Bundesnachrichtendienst. Gehlen’s Organisation - Process, Legend and Burden. | Generals Going Astray? Ludwig Ritter von Radlmeier, Adolf von Schell and the Third Reich Armaments Bureaucracy Between Military Tradition and the “New State”. | “Any Occurring Hardships Are Exclusively on Account of the SS”. On the Activities of the Reichsumsiedlungsgesellschaft in occupied Poland. | Liberal Factional Infighting: Hildegard Hamm-Brücher in the Discourse on Liberalism During the Early Federal Republic. | Weapons from Germany? The German Parliament, Military Aid and Weapons Exports, 1961 to 1975.

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Issue January 2016

“Volk und Rasse” - Searching for Hitler’s Sources. | Targeting the Nazi Past of West German Intellectuals. The Investigative Campaign of Kurt Ziesel During the Adenauer Era. | German Scientists as the Inventors of “Agent Orange”? A Search for Clues. | “Keep it under the Rug”: The Weapon Sales of the Austrian Nationalised Industry and the Noricum Scandal. | The First Two Years of the Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History. | How Autonomously did Vichy Govern? On the Current Debate on the Introduction of Antisemitic Racial Legislation in France in 1940.

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