Since 1989, scholars from around the world are gathering biennially for the interdisciplinary conference »Lessons & Legacies of the Holocaust« to present their work and discuss new research trends and fresh pedagogical approaches to the history and memory of the Holocaust.

This year, for the first time ever, a special Lessons & Legacies Conference takes place in Europe. The close proximity to historical sites and authentic places of Nazi rule and terror provides a unique opportunity not only to address the reverberations of the past in the present, but also to critically reflect upon the challenges for research and education posed by today’s growing nationalism and right-wing populism.

A central goal of the conference is to stimulate international debate and exchange among Holocaust scholars, not least between those from North America, Europe, and Israel. What is more, our rich conference program includes a rare chance to visit relevant memorial sites, documentations centers, museums, and archives in the vicinity.

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