Veröffentlichungen aus dem Zentrum für Holocaust-Studien

Frank Bajohr and Dieter Pohl (ed.)

Right-wing politics and the rise of Antisemitism in Europe 1935-1941 : European Holocaust Studies ; Vol. 1

Veröffentlichungen aus dem Zentrum für Holocaust-Studien

Göttingen 2019

ISBN: 978-3-8353-3347-5 (bestellen)




The first issue of European Holocaust Studies, edited by Frank Bajohr and Dieter Pohl, is entitled “Right-Wing Politics and the Rise of Antisemitism in Europe 1935–1941.” The volume thereby relates to current debates surrounding the rise of right-wing populist movements in Europe and around the world and explores the issue of historical precedents and precursors. The contributions focus on political developments in Europe in the late 1930s, when a number of authoritarian, fascist, and right-wing populist movements came to power and introduced antisemitic and exclusionist policies. Though these measures were implemented long before the Holocaust began, they resulted in an unresolved refugee crisis which ultimately contributed to the Holocaust’s high number of victims.


Specifically, the authors ask: How did the rest of Europe and governments and societies around the world perceive and react to the persecution of the Jews in Germany? Was antisemitism a Nazi German “export product”? Or, did antisemitic policies in different countries draw on local traditions and factors, which were then amplified by the world economic crisis and widespread social concepts of national homogeneity? Were there any notable attempts to counter these developments in Europe? The compilation of country-specific studies from around Europe in the first volume of European Holocaust Studies offers answers and paints a diverse and complex picture.



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