From a Jewish spa to a health resort “free of Jews”

Antisemitism in Bad Reichenhall 1870–1945

Few health resorts have such a long tradition of Jewish spa guests as Bad Reichenhall. Unlike many other tourist resorts in Germany, for a long time the town welcomed Jews explicitly. There were several antisemitic excesses, however, and even Sigmund Freud was affected. We take a deeper look into this ambivalence between Jewish culture and Antisemitism in this Obersalzberg Talk with Johannes Lang.

This Obersalzberg Talk has been produced in cooperation with the Reichenhall Museum and the Bad Reichenhall Municipal Archives on the occasion of the 1700th anniversary of Jewish life in Germany.

Lecture by Johannes Lang (Stadtarchiv Bad Reichenhall).


The talk has been pre-recorded and can be watched on the Dokumentation Obersalzberg YouTube channel starting Thursday, 25 November at 4 pm. English subtitles are provided.

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