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Academic journals are appearing increasingly in electronic form – either in parallel to a printed edition or as exclusively online journals.

The Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (Electronic Journals Library – EZB) offers the most extensive collection of electronic journals for all academic fields in Germany, as a cooperative service of around 620 libraries, developed by the Regensburg University Library and the Library of the Technical University of Munich.

Via its direct link to the area of history, the IfZ provides a particular overview of the electronic journals available there. Other areas such as “history of education” (“Bildungsgeschichte”), “politics” (“Politologie”), or “economics” (“Wirtschaftswissenschaften”) can be found via the toolbar on the left.

Please note:

freely accessible – via your PC at home as well

available – on all PCs at the IfZ

not available at the IfZ – tables of contents and abstracts are generally freely available

The electronic journals available at the IfZ are increasingly integrated into the library’s online catalog. A catalog search can thus provide for direct access to full texts, tables of contents, and abstracts.

You can recognize electronic resources with this symbol and the link to a URL or URN.

Online dissertations and other internet publications are similarly integrated into the online catalog. We are thankful for your e-mail bibliothek[at]ifz-muenchen.de, should you not find important electronic publications in our catalog. 

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