OMGUS Database

The documents of the Office of Military Government for Germany, US (OMGUS), available as microfiche reproductions, are catalogued in a database, including the documents of the central OMGUS offices and of US representatives stationed with allied staff offices and authorities.

Pre-ordering is not available.

The documents of the state occupation offices can be found in the main archives of the German federal states of the former U.S. Occupation Zone and are archived there.

To the database

For personnel and technical reasons, the archives of the Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History (IfZ) cannot provide microfilm prints from microfiches for external purposes. The Bundesarchiv at Koblenz has an identical set of microfiches, where, it is possible to order re-enlargements or fiche copies from a professional copy service using the call number (Shipment/Box/Folder).


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