Ordering Records

Preordering of up to ten files is possible via the archival database. The files will be provided for you the next opening day during the usual times (generally beginning at 1:30pm).

Requests exceeding this number of materials, and those involving materials not in the archival database, can be ordered directly on location in Munich. Applicants  then need to fill out loan slips themselves so that the materials can be retrieved from the stacks and brought to the reading room for use. You can see here how to fill out the loan slips correctly.

The microfilm holdings of the archives (archival reference numbers that begin with MA, MB, and MZ) can be found in the open-access area of Reading Room 2 and can generally be viewed without a prior order.

Order and Availability Times

Monday - Thursday:

  • Orders through 11am are made available from 1:30pm
  • Orders through 2pm are made available from 9am the following workday


  • Orders through 11am are made available from 12pm

Please Note:

Archival materials listed in the library’s online catalogue (printed matters, newspapers, and magazines) are marked with the note “Archiv = Archivleihschein!” next to the call number. This means that they can only be ordered with a loan slip on location, in accordance with the order and availability times of the archives.

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