News from the project "Man hört, man spricht"

Congratulations to Felix Berge

Successful defence of his dissertation "Hearing and Speaking in War: Practices of Informal Communication in the National Socialist Majority Society, 1939–1945." mehr

Erstellt am: 05/25/2023

Third International INFOCOM Workshop in Paris

Three-day conference with the German Historical Institute Paris and the Centre de recherches historiques (EHESS) mehr

Erstellt am: 01/17/2023

Research Stay in Cambridge

INFOCOM member Felix Berge spends three-week fellowship at University of Cambridge mehr

Erstellt am: 11/14/2022

Informal Communication in Occupied Societies

Preparation of the third international INFOCOM workshop in Paris mehr

Erstellt am: 11/14/2022

INFOCOM Workshop at the Deutsches Museum Munich

Insights into the technology used for communication and propaganda practices during the National Socialist regime mehr

Erstellt am: 04/07/2022

Research fellowship for INFOCOM team member

Izabela Paszko spent three months at the Western Institute in Poznań (Instytut Zachodni), Poland mehr

Erstellt am: 02/01/2022

Research Fellowship for Manuel Mork

INFOCOM Team Member at the German Historical Institute in Paris mehr

Erstellt am: 11/08/2021

INFOCOM Workshop II at Central European University, 8th-10th September 2021

Report on the second workshop of the research group “‘Man hört, man spricht’: Informal Communication and Information ‘From Below’ in Nazi Europe” mehr

Erstellt am: 09/14/2021

Underground Information, Unofficial News, Useful Rumors

Das INFOCOM-Projekt führt vom 8. bis 10. September seinen zweiten Workshop durch mehr

Erstellt am: 08/13/2021

Research Fellowship for Izabela Paszko

Participant of the INFOCOM Team at the German Historical Institute Warsaw mehr

Erstellt am: 07/20/2021

Communicative Practices under National Socialism

Report on the INFOCOM Team's Participation in a Multidisciplinary Online Conference mehr

Erstellt am: 06/29/2021

„Man hört, man spricht“

Auf seinem ersten Workshop diskutierte das "INFOCOM"-Team mit seinen Kooperationspartnerinnen und -partnern die Herausforderungen des Projektes mehr

Erstellt am: 01/31/2020

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