Source Edition The Persecution and Murder of European Jews by Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 (Die Verfolgung und Ermordung der europäischen Juden durch das nationalsozialistische Deutschland 1933-1945)

This source edition presents a thematically comprehensive selection of documents on the Holocaust, illustrating the contexts and political and societal dynamics that led to this unprecedented mass crime. The edition comprises contemporary testimony by persecutors, victims, and observers, complete with academic annotations, and can be used for research and education as well as a memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe.

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The project was supported by the Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft and published by the Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History, the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, and the German Federal Archives.

Press Reviews

“Despite texts that are hard to bear in places, the carefully prepared edition is surprisingly easy to read and understandable even to non-academics.”

Elvira Grözinger, PaRDeS: Zeitschrift der Vereinigung für Jüdische Studien 31 (2016) 130, pp. 259-262[DD1] .

“The edition should be complete within the next three or four years. With an average book size of around 800 pages, the compilation of documents should offer some 13,000 pages in the end – a priceless and unprecedented public German-language archive on the Holocaust.”

Michael Wildt, Historische Zeitschrift 297 (2013) 2, pp. 417-421

“The edition makes it possible to take one’s questions straight to the sources; it makes the desperate situation of the victims recognizable to a broad public, at least in its rudiments, and uncovers the deeds, behavior, and intentions of the perpetrators.”

Moshe Zimmermann, Neue Politische Literatur, 59 (2014), pp.10-22

“The editors have brought about an impressive collection of sources. We should be especially thankful for the moving and hitherto unpublished personal records of the victims and survivors. This is an invaluable body of work for addressing the topic of the Holocaust, one which will inspire others to dig deeper in their research as well.”

Bernward Dörner, Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaft 9 (2014) 10, pp. 865-867




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