Issue July 2023

International Jewish Organisations and the Establishment of Private Accessory Prosecutions in Trials for Nazi Crimes | The Long Continuities of Karl Epting | The Entebbe Aircraft Hijacking of 1976 | Conservatism in Male Homosexual Politics in 1970s West Germany and the United States | The Institute for Contemporary History and the Forged Hitler Diaries Affair of 1982/83

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Issue April 2023

Paul B. Popenoe, Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer and the Continuities of Eugenics, 1920 to 1970. | Corruption, Patronage and Justice in the Adenauer Era. | Conflicts about Smell between the Federal Republic, the ČSSR and the GDR, 1976 to 1989. | The Debate about the Electoral Rights of Former National Socialists in the West German Parliamentary Council. | The Notes of SA Chief of Staff Viktor Lutze, 1934 to 1943. 

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Issue January 2023

Jewish Councils and Forced Labour in the Cities of the General Government, 1939 to 1941. | Animal Welfare Law and Religious Slaughter Practice. | Ruth Leuwerik, “The Trapp Family” and Popular Taste during the Adenauer Years. | The New Right in the Last Decade of the Bonn Republic. | Early Reports of Surviving German Jews from Riga.

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