Association of Memorial Site Libraries - AGGB

The IfZ library has been a member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Gedenkstättenbibliotheken (Association of Memorial Site Libraries - AGGB) since June 2016.

A common online catalog is one main project of the AGGB. Featuring a common user interface with the IfZ online catalog, it provides access to the very specialized holdings of all member libraries, some of which are only documented in their own catalogs.


AGGB Catalog

The AGGB was founded in 1998 upon the joint initiative of the House of the Wannsee Conference Memorial and Educational Site and the Topography of Terror Foundation, both in Berlin. It aims to support the work and acceptance of the libraries at memorial sites and other related institutions through cooperation, professional exchanges, and specialized advanced training. The libraries of various institutions as well as individual people form the membership of the AGGB.

The libraries are connected to the memorials erected at sites of Nazi atrocities, documentation centers on National Socialism, memorials, as well as institutions focused on the GDR dictatorship and, more recently, more general research institutes for contemporary history.

The members of the AGGB meet once a year for a working meeting and seminar organized by the Topography of Terror Foundation and other cooperative partners. The Topography of Terror Foundation is also responsible for the planning and organization of the meetings as well as the maintenance of the website.

The catalog is maintained and updated monthly by Matthias Mann of the German Resistance Memorial Center.

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