German Yearbook of Contemporary History

Volume 5: After Nazism: Relaunching careers in Germany and Austria

Edited by Jürgen Zarusky, Susanna Schrafstetter and Thomas Schlemmer

The continuity of Nazi elites in politics, society, economy, and culture is a central problem in the post-1945 history Germany and Austria, and forms the focus of the fifth volume of the German Yearbook of Contemporary History. At the heart of the volume are case studies of four individuals: Kurt Ziesel, Otto Brunner, Anton Reinthaller, and Max Frauendorfer. These cases are examined with reference to several central, overarching themes, including the diverse strategies for rehabilitation pursued by highly incriminated individuals after 1945, the continuity of ideas and mentalities that had figured into Nazism, and the social and political limits to the reintegration of former Nazis in in postwar Germany and Austria.





Series Preface by Andreas Wirsching


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