Requesting Copies

Copy availability

Scans of microforms (archival reference numbers MA, MB, MZ, and OMGUS) can be done by users themselves in Reading Rooms 1 and 2. If needed, memory sticks can be purchased from the staff in Reading Room 1.

Scanning of printed archival materials (with archives loan slip) using the self-service scanner in Reading Room 1 requires permission, and the copying form needs to be filled out carefully and completely. Permission can only be granted by staff members of the archives (regularly Mondays through Thursdays 9am-4pm, Fridays 9am-12pm). Whether self-service scanning is permitted depends on the condition of the materials; this is to be decided by the staff of the archives on location.

The staff of the archives can limit the usage time of the scanner if demand is high.

Excerpts from digitised archival materials are to be created using the digitisation division.

An application to copy needs to be submitted for printed materials that were published after 1950 as well. Once approval is granted, these scans can be undertaken using the self-service scanner in Reading Room 1.

Copies are not permitted for printed materials that appeared through and including 1949. These are only to be copied using the digitisation division of the archives, as exceptions granted upon a special application.

The transfer of reproductions of archival materials to third parties or their use for any purpose other than those specified in the application for use is only permitted with the prior written consent of the institute (User Regulation 6/3).

The use of own electronic copying devices (scanner, scanner pen, digital camera, mobile phones with camera, laptop camera, etc.) is not permitted (User Regulation 5/2).


Ordering copies

Paper printouts and digital copies are available. Digital copies are provided in a screen resolution of 96 dpi in pdf format on CD-Rom or DVD. Printed copies are black and white.

Copies are to be ordered using the form “Antrag auf Herstellung von Reproduktionen” (“Request for reproductions”) in Reading Room 1. Only carefully filled, legible orders can be carried out.

Copy requests submitted concerning records within  the period of document protection for archival materials may not ultimately be approved.

Once the application is approved, an invoice will be sent to the applicant. Payment is only possible by bank transfer. Orders are only forwarded to the digitisation division once payment has been received. Order times are subject to change. Waiting times can increase at times due to limited capacity. Information on current waiting times can be obtained from the staff of the archives.

The regulations, fee regulations (German) and list of costs (German), are all relevant in this regard.



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