Issue January 2023

Jewish Councils and Forced Labour in the Cities of the General Government, 1939 to 1941. | Animal Welfare Law and Religious Slaughter Practice. | Ruth Leuwerik, “The Trapp Family” and Popular Taste during the Adenauer Years. | The New Right in the Last Decade of the Bonn Republic. | Early Reports of Surviving German Jews from Riga.

Issue October 2022

The Strasbourg EC Summit on 8 / 9 December 1989, European Monetary Union and German Unification. | The Origins of the German Protection of Young Persons Act of 1938. | The Fate of the 1942 Christmas Address by Pope Pius XII. | Islam and International Politics. | Thatcherism and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musicals.


Issue July 2022

The Leaflet Action of the Scholl Siblings on 18 February 1943. | Executive Empowerment and Budgetary Policy, 1914/18 to 1945. | France and the Saar, 1943 to 1947. | Potsdam’s Garrison Church. | The Genesis of the Postal Stamp Memorial Set on the 20th Anniversary of the Assassination Attempt against Adolf Hitler on 20 July 1944. | Rock Music and the Cultures of Conservatism.


Issue April 2022

The Max Planck Society and the Economization of Research since the 1990s. | The Vatican, National Socialist Germany and the Franco-Regime, 1936 to 1938. | The Invented “Rubble Woman”. Dealing with the Nazi Era in Austria. | Martin Broszat and Compensation for Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust from Romania, 1955 to 1965. | “Florida-Rolf” Sends Greetings. Social Assistance Paid Abroad and the Debate about the Welfare State during the Schröder Era. | The Britcom “Yes Minister” and the Transformation of British Conservatism during the Thatcher Era.


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