Encyclopedia of the Ghetto Łódź/Litzmannstadt

Abgeschlossenes Projekt

Employees (IfZ):  Prof. Dr. Andrea Löw

In cooperation with the Arbeitsstelle Holocaustliteratur of the University of Giessen and the Department for Germanic Linguistics/Language History at the University of Heidelberg

In 1943 and 1944, the writers of the archives led by Oskar Singer and Oskar Rosenfeld worked on this encyclopedia in addition to their work on a daily chronicle. They wished to record the details of life in the ghetto for posterity by explaining the main terms used in the language of the ghetto and describing the institutions of the ghetto administration, and the most important people and events of the time. The volume provides us with a singular, if incomplete, view of the subject.

Publications within the project

Dominika Bopp, Sascha Feuchert, Andrea Löw, Jörg Riecke, Markus Roth und Elisabeth Turvold (Hrsg.)

Die Enzyklopädie des Gettos Lodz/Litzmannstadt

Publications of the Center for Holocaust Studies

Göttingen 2020


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